Rainbow circle Wageningen inclusieve deelcirkel 2 nov


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The Rainbow Circle Wageningen is an inclusive sharing circle in which everyone can freely share what concerns him/her/them. Because participants sit in a circle, everyone is equal. We also pay a lot of attention to creating a safe environment so that you can be more vulnerable. Being able to share a personal experience while paying full attention to your story can be extremely healing.

As a participant you practice speaking from your heart, feeling what is going on inside you and being able to find words for it. Attention is also paid to listening without judgment and holding space. The latter is a way to be present with someone else with full attention. Participants do not have to provide advice or solve anything for another participant. The core is about being truly present in the moment.

Would you like to get a little closer to yourself and be together with others in a loving way, this is your invitation!

Dates: Oct 19, Nov 2, Nov 30, Dec 14

Time: 19:30h – 21:00h

Location: ZINTRE, gen Foulkesweg 37, Building with the CLOCK

Contribution free, but we really appreciate a contribution for our time, energy and renting of ZINTRE

Language: English / Dutch. Important to know: you can share in your own language when English is too difficult.